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Life According to Ohad (2014)

IL, 2014, 80 min, OV with English subtitles; Regie: Eri Daniel Erlich

32 years old Ohad hasn’t been in touch with his family for many years. When loneliness gets to him he tries to reconnect with them. His parents’ dream of a real family dinner is finally about to come true, but Ohad has one condition: his parents need to get to know his world and learn why he stayed away in the first place.

Ohad is an Animal Rights activist, extremely committed to the cause: he lectures about the subject and breaks into farms to free animals. Now begins a journey were both sides get to know each other’s worlds. Will they be able to meet half way? Can they all change and manage to reconnect, or will the family’s decision to continue eating meat still stand in the way?

Im Anschluss an die Filmvorführung: Filmgespräch mit Therese Krutzler (Tierschutzlehrerin ) und Jakob Seidl (Tierrechtsaktivist).


Mi.10.06.2015 @ Forum Stadtpark

Start: 20.00 Uhr >> EINTRITT FREI!


Screening: Mi.10.06.2015